"That’s, ya know, something when you kinda grow up with someone and you’re together for this long and know someone for this long, I think it helps when you play with each other on the ice" -Patrick Kane on playing with Jonathan Toews  4/22/14


yo ok so I need more hockey blogs to follow bc I follow like maybe 3 right now so reblog this is you post stuff about hockey like

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I’ve been hearing “Turn Down for What?” at a lot of these playoff games I’ve been watching lately.

Like, do you want your team to win or to start twerking at center ice?


"They just don’t seem to have that Chicago pizazz"

NBC announcers on the Hawks.

Because yes, usually Kaner skates down the ice, doing the boxstep and waving around his best jazz hands while Tazer and Sharpy, his trusty background dancers, perform dazzling jazz squares.

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